VidhiMangalam is a brand With a mission to usher natural wellness into homes.

The Journey:

Vidhi Mangalam Dhoop was created in 2017 with the sole purpose of providing natural and chemical free incense to people all over the world. We started as a small enterprise selling on various online platforms. With our hard work and support of happy customers we are becoming popular all over India. We manufacture incense and other Havan related products in a completely natural way. The raw material used is natural, organic and is of the best quality. We do not use artificial fragrances made from chemicals. Our fragrances are extracted from natural flowers and therefore are soothing, well balanced and long lasting.

Environment Friendly:

Also Vidhi Manglam Dhoop is pollution free. Our products produce very less smoke and yet create a long lasting aromatic environment. If you dip the dry cones and sticks in water before burning they produce negligible smoke. We strive to provide people with products that bring positivity in their life and get rid of the negative energies around them.

Social Responsibility:

Vidhi Mangalam Dhoop is not only pollution free but also aids in women empowerment by providing occupation to women. Our products are not machine made thus increase the job opportunities for women and help them earn their livelihood with dignity.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

If you are Hard working, Dedicated and think you can bring value to our company, our mission of women empowerment and the vision then please write to us or contact us through the link below and we will reach you at the earliest.